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Marble Stone   are known as metamorphic rocks. Geologists use the term "marble" to refer to metamorphosed limestone. Metamorphic process causes a complete re-crystallization of the original rock into an interlocking mosaic of calcite, aragonite and/or dolomite crystals. The word "marble" has been derived from the Greek word "marmaros," which mean "shining stone." This is also the basis for the English word "marmoreal," meaning "marble-like." 


The swirls and veins of many colored marble varieties are the result of various mineral impurities, like clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, or chert that originally had the presence as grains or layers in the limestone.


General Characteristic of Marble Stone can be describe as:


·         Prestige and Elegant.

·         Ideal for BathroomTable TopFlooring.

·         Hardness: 3/10 (10 = Diamond, Hardest).

Note: All samples below are only for your references as the natural Coloration, Veining & Pattern types may vary. Each stone slabs is unique from one another.

Local Marble (Ipoh Marble)
Ipoh Marble | BB Ipoh Marble | BB2 Ipoh Marble | BS Ipoh Marble | BR
Ipoh Marble | BB Ipoh Marble | BB2 Ipoh Marble | BS Ipoh Marble | BR

Batek Black (BB)

Batek Brown (BB2)

 Batek Sarsi (BS)

 Batek Rainbow (BR)

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

Ipoh Marble | BL Ipoh Marble | BM (GF) Ipoh Marble | BM (GL) Ipoh Marble | BM
Ipoh Marble | BL Ipoh Marble | BM(GF) Ipoh Marble | BM(GL) Ipoh Marble | BM

 Batek Rosa Light (BL)

Batek Rosa Medium, BM(GF)

Batek Rosa Medium, BM (GL)

Batek Rosa Medium (BM)

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

Ipoh Marble | GB Ipoh Marble | IP Ipoh Marble | IW1 Ipoh Marble | IW2

Grey Series (GB)

Ipoh Pink (IP1)

 Ipoh White (IW1)

 Ipoh White (IW2)

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

 Origin: Malaysia

Ipoh Marble | RL2      

White Brown - Rainbow (RL)


 Origin: Malaysia

International Marble
Marble Stone | Black & Gold Marble Stone | Botticino Classico Marble Stone | Black Marquina Marble Stone | Cream Marfil

Black & Gold

Botticino Classico

 Black Marquina

 Crema Marfil

  Origin: Pakistan   Origin: Italy   Origin: China   Origin: Spain
Marble Stone | Dark Emperador Marble Stone | Forest Brown Marble Stone | Forest Green Marble Stone | Egypt Yellow

Dark Emperador

 Forest Brown

Forest Green 

Egypt Yellow 

  Origin: Spain   Origin: India   Origin: India   Origin: Egypt
Marble Stone | Grey Serpeggiante Marble Stone | Indian Green Marble Stone | Light Emperador Marble Stone | Sahara Beige

Grey Serpeggiante

Indian Green

Light Emperador 

Sahara Beige 

   Origin: China    Origin: India    Origin: Turkey   Origin: Egypt
Marble Stone | Volakas



   Origin: Greece
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