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Granite Stone is an igneous rock and is formed from magma. Granite is nearly always massive (lacking internal structures), hard and tough.  The word granite comes from theLatin granum , a grain, in reference to the coarse-grained structure of such acrystalline rock. Granite is highly durable, chip & scratch resistant, acid proof and hard material. In addition to this, Granite is easy to maintain. Currently, granite is extensively being used as a dimension stone and as flooring tiles in and public as well as commercial buildings and monuments. The polished granite is a demanding choice for kitchen countertops because of its high durability and aesthetic qualities.     

General Characteristic of Granite Stone can be describe as:


·         Highly resistant to staining, scratching and heat.  

·         Ideal for Kitchen Countertops, Flooring, Vanities Tops.  

·         Hardest of all Natural Stone Countertop materials.  

·         Hardness: 7/10 (10 = Diamond, Hardest).     

Note: All samples below are only for your references as the natural Coloration, Veining & Pattern types may vary.

Granite Stone | Absolute Black Granite Stone | Android Pink Granite Stone | Antic Grey Granite Stone | Apple Brown

Absolute Black

Android Pink

Antic Grey

Apple Brown

  Origin: India   Origin: India   Origin: China   Origin: India
Granite Stone | Black Galaxy Granite Stone | Bala Flower Granite Stone | Barry White Granite Stone | Blue Pearl

 Black Galaxy

Bala Flower

Berry White

Blue Pearl

  Origin: India   Origin: India   Origin: China   Origin: Norway
Granite Stone | China Spary White Granite Stone | Classic White Granite Stone | Deccan Pink Granite Stone | Desert Brown

China Spary White

Classic White

Deccan Pink 

Desert Brown 


   Origin: India    Origin: India   Origin: India
Granite Stone | Desert Green Granite Stone | Emerald Pearl Granite Stone | Fountain Pink Granite Stone | French Brown

Desert Green

 Emerald Pearl

 Fountain Pink

 French Brown

   Origin: India    Origin: Norway    Origin: India    Origin: India
Granite Stone | Giblee Yellow Granite Stone | Golden Pearl Granite Stone | Imperial Pink Granite Stone | Imperial Red

 Giblee Yellow

 Golden Pearl

 Imperial Pink

 Imperial Red

 Origin: Brazil

 Origin: China

 Origin: India

 Origin: India

Granite Stone | Indian Yellow Granite Stone | Lucky Red Granite Stone | Mokalsar Green  

 Indian Yellow

 Lucky Red

 Mokalsar Green

 Malayan Pink

 Origin: India

 Origin: Brazil

 Origin: India

 Origin: Malaysia

Granite Stone | Multi Colour Red Granite Stone | Nasoli Granite Stone | Peacock Green Granite Stone | Purple Green

 Multi Colour Red


 Peacock Green

 Purple Green

 Origin: India

 Origin: India

 Origin: Brazil

 Origin: India

Granite Stone | Rose Red Granite Stone | Royal Blue Granite Stone | Rajasthan Black Granite Stone | Shiva Gold

 Red Rose

 Royal Blue

 Rajasthan Black

 Shiva Gold

 Origin: China

 Origin: India

 Origin: India

 Origin: India

Granite Stone | Steel Grey Granite Stone | Sapphire Blue Granite Stone | Tan Brown Granite Stone | Tiger Skin

 Steel Grey

 Sapphire Blue

 Tan Brown

 Tiger Skin

 Origin: India

 Origin: India

 Origin: India

 Origin: India

Granite Stone | Verde Butterfly Granite Stone | Verde Ubatuba    

 Verde Butterfly

 Verde Ubatuba



 Origin: Brazil

 Origin: Brazil

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