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A countertop is basically a horizontal work surface located in a kitchen. Not only it is used to prepare food & organize dishes, but also a place to house a cooking stove, sinks, and other kitchen appliances & accessories. Hence, it is vital that these kitchen counters are designed to be safe, hygiene, and resilient to liquid splits, scratches & heat. Marble or Granite especially, are highly recommended in this case as their attributes are perfectly fulfill the basic and essential requirements of a kitchen countertop. Besides, having a Marble or Granite kitchen countertop will also make the kitchen look more attractive, luxury & elegant.   


There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to designing the kitchen countertops. Instead of just depending solely on stone types materials, choosing the appropriate colors, edge types, and design layouts does play an important factor in enhancing a well-functional and organized stylish kitchen.

Colors selection can be either compliment or contrast with the  tiles backsplash, kitchen floor & cabinets. A darker color like black galaxy & tan brown granites are usually the more popular ones among owners as it is easier to maintain, has lower visibility on dirt, yet it even makes the entire kitchen interior stands out.  

Countertop edges are accessible in various shapes and styles. Owners can implement patterns of angles, curves and lines to create a look of simplicity, sophistication, or extraordinary design.  

Lastly, a good countertop design layout is a must, in order to improve both the efficiency and practicality of a kitchen. By using the“kitchen triangle” principle, owners can easily optimize the limitation of small kitchen areas. There are few basic countertop layouts that suits most of the current kitchen designs like Corridor, L-Shape, U-Shape, Bi-level & kitchen island layouts.

Kitchen Countertops | Kitchen Counters  Kitchen Countertops | Kitchen Counters
Kitchen Countertops | Kitchen Counters  Kitchen Countertops | Kitchen Counters

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