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The choice of floor tile materials has been a significant role as they are not only for the beauty itself, but the proper functionality of house. Hence, the selection has to be made keeping the entire necessary requirement in our mind when it comes to designing homes or commercials flooring. Durability is the foremost thing that one would have to think about for their flooring materials and this nothing better than Marble or Granite floor tiles. Marble or Granite floor tiles have always been preferred for places where heavy traffic is expected. Hence, they are used mostly in commercial complexes other than residentials.   

Today, there are many stone types floor tiles varieties, ranging from an array of colors, sizes, patterns and finishing available in the market. This makes it the preferred option for decorative purposes for both indoors and outdoors. 

When designing the perfect flooring, owners can either choose a lighter stone shade that makes the area look more spacious or a darker tone that gives a classy & warmth feeling. With a large varieties of mix-matching stone colors, one can easily opt for his or her ideal floor pattern (checkerboard, bold borders, diamond shape, random or even mosaic) that matches their house or commercial styles. Moreover, a complex & sophisticated floor tiles design can also be created using advance cutting waterjet technology.  

Lastly, a floor's finish could also effectively illustrate spaciousness & aesthetic appearance. A high gloss or polished finish emphasizes beauty, elegant & makes the flooring stands out, whereas a more honed or matted finish is more resilient to damage, in which it is ideal for high trafficking areas. 


Marble Floor Tiles | Granite Floor Tiles

 Marble Floor Tiles | Granite Floor Tiles 

Marble Floor Tiles | Granite Floor Tiles  Marble Floor Tiles | Granite Floor Tiles

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