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Flooring is the most important aspect that makes a home beautiful and elegant. As compared to other flooring options like ceramic tiles, laminate or vinyl, Marble or Granite flooring is more appreciated and widely used in both residentials & commercials.       

Why stone types flooring is preferred? Most of the people prefer to use these natural stone floor tiles is because of it is long lasting beauty, practicality and durability. In addition to its durability, it is also able to sustain pressure from drop impacts, furnitures, & high foot traffics.  

Marble or Granite flooring can be obtained in a variety of designs and colors. Each flooring has its own unique features, as the natural coloration, veins & pattern variations of these stone tiles are different. Hence, owners or even interior professionals are able to mix and match these stone colors and shades to create their own masterpieces of floor tiles design , in which able to enhance the stylishness & characteristic for their homes & commercial purposes.   

One of the characteristic of Marble or Granite flooring is able to provide a cool walking surface, particularly for the parts of the house that are hot and humid, since these materials have the ability to retain the cold temperature of its surroundings. In addition, these materials do not need as much cleaning & able to sustained from any type of moisture. 

Moreover, it is getting more & more popular for hallways, staircase, kitchen, bathroom, and pools or even in the commercial centres like malls & hotels.

Marble Flooring | Granite Flooring 

Marble Flooring | Granite Flooring 

Marble Flooring | Granite Flooring Marble Flooring | Granite Flooring

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