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Today, designing a modern bathroom may be challenging for some owners. A bathroom is now looked upon more than just a place where someone goes in for wash-up. A bathroom's wall is the biggest surface area, and thus we have to choose the wall tiles and design carefully from the options available.  

Choosing the right theme is very important as it will influenced how your bathroom turn out to be in the end. We can have a very simple and basic, to a very sophisticated bathroom wall tile design.  Pick a color that blends well with the bathroom floor tiles & bathroom vanity tops. Avoid overextending the passion for many colors. A bathroom should not look cluttered. Balance is the key for designing modern bathroom interior. The color you choose will define the space and the mood; relaxing or exciting atmosphere for your bathroom.

E.g. White Marble wall tiles as background helps to balance anything that is dramatic. Tiles in light color suit bathrooms that are small in size. This is because light shades tend to make a space appear larger.  

The cut-size of the natural stone tiles can be changed & varied in proportion to create interesting effects. Due to their different sizes, these can be laid in different angles to create unique patterns (backsplash) on a particular section of the wall.  

Besides colors & sizes, you also can opt for different textures of the bathroom tiles. The Marble or Granite wall tiles are mostly of earth tone, but they will offer a multitude of design patterns and borders . This feature does help in beautifying the outcome of any modern bathroom design. Tile textures can be of shinny, matte, rustic finishing or even of an uneven surface. These uneven surfaced tiles will give your wall design a different perspective of beauty in a natural way.


Regardless of the bathroom wall tiles design chosen,  stone types tiles will definitely bring the bathroom standard to a higher level.  

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Bathroom Wall Tiles | Bathroom Tiles  Bathroom Wall Tiles | Bathroom Tiles

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