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Bathroom floor is a one of the key aspects to look into when designing a modern style bathroom. Bathroom is a good place to use Marble or Granite flooring because of its resistancy to the high levels of heat, moisture and humidity. Besides , stone tiles also impart an aesthetic look and add grandeur, instantly generate a feeling of style, modernity and cleanliness.  

There are various design available for bathroom floor tiles. It can range from a simple and contemporary design, to very stylish and unique design. These designs depend mainly on stone types involved, colors & sizes of tiles used, and the way it is being laid out. You can have many border tile choices as well, as they look very beautiful in the sequence of large tiles.

One of the design ideas is based on bathroom themes, where stone floor tiles normally blends well with the  bathroom wall tiles designs. If we want to make the  bathroom looks more spacious, then we can consider using lighter stone colors like white or beige, with smaller cut-size floor tiles & arrange it in a uniform design. Simplicity is one of the popular requirement for a modern bathroom design nowadays.

Dark color stone shades is gaining its popularity as well. These stone tiles will give your bathroom a stylish look with mysterious feel. We can also choose a floor tiles colors and design that contrast with the bathroom vanity tops, bathtub or Jacuzzi. By having the contrasting floor tiles colors, it will give create a depth in the bathroom, thus making the bathroom looks more luxury.

Another design to consider is to have a decorative element. We can consider using two or more different colors or shades to create a modified checkerboard pattern. It can be a diamond shape design for the entire floor, or it can be used to create border around the edges, or even having a decorative pattern in the centre of the room. We can also place these stone colors or shades tiles randomly throughout the entire bathroom floor. All these will definitely make the bathroom stands out.  

Honed finishing & tumbled stone tiles are best suited for flooring. Honed tiles have the best non-slip protection. You can also use wax to provide an extra layer of protection to your Marble or Granite floor tiles.

Bathroom Floor Tiles | Bathroom Floor  Bathroom Floor Tiles | Bathroom Floor
Bathroom Floor Tiles | Bathroom Floor  Bathroom Floor Tiles | Bathroom Floor

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